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eeGeo  mission is to enable their customers to create intuitive and engaging experiences, by delivering a new approach to mapping.


Their platform delivers a true 3D representation of the world in which information, content, services and data visualisation can be presented in a visually attractive way that encourages discovery, interaction and provably aids user engagement.

eeGeo are a software technology company whose cloud based, SaaS platform has its origins in the gaming industry. We use gaming know-how married to mobile
technology and big data to create beautiful, geo-spatially accurate renditions of cities, countries and continents to create a fast and fun, interactive 3D map.

To help you bring your 3D mapping application to market quickly and cost effectively with the best differentiation and user experience, eeGeo offers a range of professional services that can be delivered in partnership with your development team.

Map Creation & Customisation
Build new 3D maps to support the regions in which your users will explore, discover and engage with the information, content and services in your application. New cities, regions, countries or continents can be created and delivered through the eeGeo Platform to meet your requirements.
Custom Landmark Modelling
Sometimes particular recognisable landmark areas need that human touch. The eeGeo team can create beautiful, detailed, hand-crafted models of particular buildings, campuses or regions to enhance user engagement and orientation and help with discovery of your content and services.
 Application Development
Our team of developers have extensive experience in building mobile and desktop applications using the eeGeo Platform and SDK. We can help you build all or part of your application and advise on how to get the best out of our 3D mapping. As well as application development for iOS, Android, Windows and OSX, we have experience in integrating a range of third party data and information sources with our mapping.
 Content Creation
Whether building card carousels for self-guided tours of your destinations, or creating a database of information to deliver in the maps as points of interest, our team can help create content from your existing sources as well as integrating new feeds. We can advise on the best mechanisms for delivering information and help differentiate the service experience you deliver through the 3D maps.
 Indoor Maps
We can create detailed models of the interior of your venues and integrate them with our 3D mapping, allowing users of your applications to explore both inside and outside your destinations. The models can be for single or multi story buildings, and can be created for shops, retail malls, sports stadia, tourist attractions, real estate marketing and a multitude of other venue types.  Find out more about our indoor maps.
 Bespoke Features
If your application requires functionality that is currently unavailable in the eeGeo Platform our team can develop dedicated capabilities within the platform to address your use case

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Welcome to Hassan Sadiq new blog, Hassan is chairman at eegeo and smartcitti. He is a tech entrepreneur who specialises in Smart city IOT’s and 3D Mapping.  

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